Wallet Connectivity on Iotexpad Network

Which wallets will you be able to use ?

Our launchpad is about to go into beta very soon, however to ensure we give users the best experience based on the majority of the wallet use, we have selected three avenues. We are currently integrating iopay, metamask and wallet connect into our platform. Other wallets may follow for integration such as trust wallet since our token will be supported on both BSC and IOTEX

Wallets set for initial integration on IotexPad


ioPay is the official iotex wallet, considered as the most trusted wallet. It is a secure mobile wallet for IoTeX Network on the Iotex network. It is a great option for users who frequently send tokens, vote for Delegates, and interact with XRC20 tokens or smart contracts. We are excited to add ioPay as a primary wallet to support the ecosystem and to give the everyone holding iotex the opportunity to participate and interact with the iotex blockchain and projects on the network. Iopay will display your wallet in the format "io..".
Downloadable on Mobile Devices and Desktop : https://iotex.io/iopay
For Ledger : https://onboard.iotex.io/engage-with-iotex/ledger-nano-app


MetaMask is a browser extension and a mobile app that handles blockchain account management and helps users securely interact with web dApps. It’s supported in Chrome, Brave, and Safari browsers, as well as it is available for Android and iOS devices. With metamask you can integrate the XRC20 (iotex) chain directly to it via the RPC. Connecting Metamask to the IoTeX blockchain is as easy as adding a new network in Metamask, and configure it using the IoTeX testnet or mainnet Babel endpoints. Please notice that Metamask will show your IoTeX wallet address in the Web3 format, so you will see an address starting by"0x..".

Set up now : https://docs.iotex.io/get-started/iotex-wallets/metamask

Wallet Connect

WalletConnect is a convenient open source tool that enables a mobile wallet to easily connect to decentralized web applications, and interact with them from your phone. It is a more secure way to use Dapps than desktop or browser-based wallets such as Metamask. Wallet Connect helps you connect to wallets that you may hold our token such as Trust wallet, or mathwallet. Wallet connect will be the gateway to other wallets that you may use to connect directly to our platform.



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Iotexpad is the first launchpad to be built, launched, and powered by IoTeX. Iotexpad becomes the primary incubator for and native launchpad for all the leading