Tier Structure Updated !

We have recently made some various but small changes to the Tiers Structure after talking with high respected leaders in the crypto sphere. After meetings with other launchpads, advisors and VC’s we changed the Staking requirements and implemented adjustments to the Pool weight for each tier.

What is new ?

The staking requirements for the Bronze, Silver and Gold tiers are now 2000, 4000, 10000 respectively of each tier ( staked $TEX). We have also re-adjusted the pool weights to be more rewarding. We believe these changes will not only empower our stakers to stake and earn, but to also become more involved in project launch, participation, anticipation as well as research.


More over, we have made significant changes to the VIP and Whales tiers. We have changed the VIP tier to be Emerald Tier and the Whales tier to be called VIP tier. This was proposed by members of the community as well as our advisors in light to remove the term “whales” which has been subsequently abused in the crypto space. In light of renaming the tiers, we have also remove the “10 minutes before every other tier” to the VIP tier (formerly known as Whales”. In order to encourage participants to accumulate $TEX or after staking and earning enough, we have increased the staking requirements for both tiers.

A fairer Structure!

To make it fair for all investors, we have removed the whales tier — Which consisted of a 10 minute guarantee before everybody else. Rather have replaced it with the VIP tier, with a pool weight of 55. This is the fairest possible way to reward proportionally to the amount staked whilst still being inclusive to all tiers via Pool weights only. We have also added an exclusivity to allow the VIP tier to receive allocations in strategic rounds if offered by projects launching with us. This is a strategy implemented, part of our incubation program. Subsequently, the Staking requirement was re-adjusted to be 30,000 $TEX staked on our platform.

EMERALD and VIP Tiers ( formerly VIP and Whales)



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