The Tier System for IDO

1 min readMar 1, 2022


Recently, Iotexpad had improved its tier system to ensure a better entry for users giving a fairer chance for everyone to participate with a 6 tier system.

After careful research in the market, the best approach for Iotexpad’s IDO’s were to be granted with guaranteed allocation all users in all tiers.

To be updated on the website soon.

Tiers: (All Guaranteed Allocations)

Tier 1: Bronze: Stake 500 TEX, 1 Pool Weight

Tier 2: Silver: Stake 2,000 TEX, 5 Pool Weight

Tier 3: Gold: Stake 5,000 TEX, 12 Pool Weight

Tier 4: Emerald: Stake 10,000 TEX, 26 Pool Weight

Tier 5: Ruby: Stake 20,000 TEX, 55 Pool Weight

Tier 6: VIP: Stake 40,000 TEX, 120 Pool Weight

The Round System:

The two round system is utilised when round 1 is not sold out. Round 1 is the round where all whitelisted users participate according to their tier with the guaranteed allocation. However in the even that Round 1 does not sell out, then iotexpad will open a round 2 which is a FCFS round for all whitelisted users to participate in.

How does pool weight work?

Refer to our medium article explaining it.




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