The Claiming Portal — IMPORTANT!

2 min readMar 31, 2022

We have decided to replace the method of distribution for projects rather than following an airdrop method, all projects will be claimed via our new fresh claiming portal.

Why Have we replaced airdrop with claiming?

It is important to ensure that tokens are delivered no earlier, nor later than the appointed time of vesting and as such to satisfy both the community and the projects. This also ensures transparency as the tokens will not be held by a single wallet, but by a vesting contract.

Note : For $TEX, the tokens will remain claimable under the Accounts section as originally claimed.

Below demonstrates the section on our launchpad where you will be able to visit and claim tokens of projects you have participated in. You will be able to see how much you have claimed, the claimed amount, Vesting of the token, the purchased amount and the claimable date.

Example of Token claiming on Iotexpad

Simple Steps How to claim your tokens:

  1. Firstly, Head to our Launchpad
  2. In the top header bar, click on “CLAIM”.
  3. Then click on the chain that the project is listed on. You may choose from the EVM supported chains that iotexpad will cater for and to the respective project. For Noma Exiles, it is on the Binance Smart Chain. We will click on BSC then the project will be made displayable for us.
  4. Once you see the project displayed, click on “claim” and sign the transaction via metamask to claim your tokens.

Congratulations!! you have no successfully claimed your tokens and now can utilise it for all projects moving forward.


For all projects that have been distributed via airdrop, they will also be moving effective from the 31st March to be claimed on the Portal.




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