How To Get Started

4 min readMar 14, 2022


Read the guide below to start investing in projects on iotexpad

Guide to participated on iotexpad

In order to participate in upcoming projects on iotexpad, there are quick and easy steps needed prior. We will explain all the necessary steps below to get started.

  1. The First step is to purchase $TEX tokens. $TEX can be purchased from the 21st March 09:00 UTC onwards on MIMO Exchange. Links will be provided after listing in this article.
  2. Complete a secure ON-CHAIN KYC:

A pre-requisite to participate is that you must KYC to ensure we are fully compliant. This process is only required ONCE for your wallet to be accepted. This is important to operate iotexpad in a legal scope whilst ensuring all data is stored on-chain and by a third party for the security of your information. We ensure FULL security of your information by storing it On-chain with Fractal. This is also to minimise dual entries from multiple wallets owned by the same user. Fractal is the service provider third party KYC platform utilised.

List of Countries Banned from participating:
Albania, Burundi, Herzegovina, Belarus, Barbados, Botswana, Central African Republic, China, Republic of the Congo, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Haiti, Iran, Israel, Jamaica, Cambodia, Libya, Myanmar, Nicaragua, Somalia, Serbia, South Sudan, Uganda, United States, Venezuela, British Virgin Islands, Zimbabwe.

Lets Get Started:

I. Connect your wallet in the top right hand corner of our launchpad. Ensure your network is connected to the IoTeX Chain.
II. Navigate to the “Account” Section. You will see ‘Image B’ as displayed below.
III. Click on “Start Verification” to begin your KYC Process. This will navigate you to Fractal.ID/Iotexpad link. Please ensure you fill in the details correctly. This process takes upto 24–48 working hours to complete.

Image B

This is the page you will be directed to after you have clicked “start verification”. From here you will be required to fill in a series of information that is fully compliant, stored on chain and not revealed to anyone, not even iotexpad team.

Purchasing $TEX
This will be available after the 21st March. We will make an official announcement.

Set up your Network and stake.

Iotexpad is native to the IoTeX Blockchain — This is a layer 2 scaling solution evm compatible and built on ethereum. To set up the IOTX Chain follow the instructions in this link ;

After you are connected correctly, you can begin to Stake your $TEX tokens. Staking helps you accumulate more $TEX without purchasing it and is also a pre-requisite to enter a particular tier in order to participate in projects listing on our launchpad. Learn More on Staking

Staking Page on the Iotexpad Launchpad

On the staking page, you will see the options to stake your tokens. After staking a certain amount of tokens, your tier structure will automatically update to the bracket you are eligible for. Learn More about our Tier system.

Your Tier will reflect after you have staked on our platform.

After completing all the above steps, you are ready to take on your first IDO on the iotexpad app.

  1. Connect your wallet using ioPay, metamask or wallet connect (for non-metamask users) to
  2. Click on the pool that is available to join under “ All Projects”. You will see the set of projects on the platform. Then click into the one you would like.
All Projects Page

3. Click on “Buy” and specify the amount you’d like to purchase from the allocated amount, or press max and buy.

4. Confirm your transaction!

5. The tokens will be automatically airdropped to you at each vesting schedule specified in the vesting section on our launchpad.

After entering that pool, you will be able to view all the information related to that project as well as the stage it is in.




Iotexpad is the first launchpad to be built, launched, and powered by IoTeX. Iotexpad becomes the primary incubator for and native launchpad for all the leading