Announcing Our IDO — Detailed Overview!

3 min readDec 13, 2021


You heard it right! Our IDO is just around the corner.

This article details the step-by-step process and important information regarding our IDO! Please read carefully.

The $200,000 IDO will be split in half between OxBull & IoTeXPad community for maximum exposure.

We will be hosting the ($TEX) IDO between December 19–20th on OxBull. Our community will have the opportunity to Whitelist and participate on our platform on December 20th (10:00 AM UTC).

The listing for $TEX will occur after the completion of the IDO and the timelines instated in this article.

IDO Price: $0.10

Listing Price: $0.10

Initial Market Cap: $280,000

Initial Circulating Supply: 2,800,000

For transparency and convenience, we’ve listed the following figures for our community to assess:

Seed Funding: $420,000 (10% TGE — 600,000 Tokens)

Strategic Funding: $1,530,000 (10% TGE — 1,800,000 Tokens)

Public (IDO): $200,000 (20% TGE — 400,000 Tokens), and 20% Monthly Unlocks for 4 months.

How to participate (OXBULL)?

The following timelines are ascribed to our IDO on OxBull!

Tier 1: December 19th — 16:30 UTC

Tier 2: December 20th — 12:00 UTC

Tier 3: December 20th — 13:00 UTC (FCFS)

Further details regarding our IDO on OxBull can be found here.

How to participate (IOTEXPAD)?

With our long-awaited IDO, the community will have the opportunity to test our platform, which is now complete!

IoTeXpad will be whitelisting participants prior to the determined IDO date through a Gleam Competition.

Our Whitelist campaign will run from December 13th (10:00 AM UTC) — December 18th (10:00 AM UTC). 1,000 addresses will be Whitelisted for the IDO, and will receive instructions on how to proceed.

Users that ar

For Whitelist participation, please read here.

The first round will be reserved for whitelist addresses, and then FCFS.

IDO (IOTEXPAD): December 20th — 10:00 AM UTC (This will end upon completion of $100,000 raise or in 24 hours).

Listing Date & Time: December 21st — 10:00 AM UTC

Listing Avenue: Mimo Protocol & Pancakeswap.

Mimo Protocol: December 21st (10:00 AM UTC)

Pancakeswap: December 21st (11:00 AM UTC)

A maximum of $100 will be allocated to each selected participant with a total of 1,000 Whitelisted addresses. You will be notified via our Twitter/Telegram with a complete list of the selected participants on December 18th (10:00 AM UTC).

Selected participants must have an ‘IoTeX Wallet Address’ (i.e: Metamask works) whilst contributions will be made in USDC-IOTX to partake in the IDO. To integrate the IoTeX Network on Metamask, please read here.

NOTE: As we are based on the IoTeX Network (XRC-20), all selected participants must be holding IoTeX to cover gas fees in their wallet, upon selection.

Your tokens will be claimable on your Metamask or (preferred EVM-compatible/IoTeX wallet) at TGE (December 21st 10:00 AM UTC).

Our smart contract address and audit will be public nearer to the IDO date to ensure their is no foul-play.

We will be hosting several WL Giveaways in the following days on our Telegram, Twitter, and with various Influencers! Don’t miss out.

About IoTeXPad

We are the first native launchpad to be deployed on IoTeX, focused on launching and incubating leading emerging and trusted projects. IoTeXPad will ensue to be an integral part of this ecosystem designated to entail a vast number of services to emerging projects developing on the IoTeX network.

IoTeXPad provides a way through which new IoTeX projects can raise capital from a platform that is already used by most of the crypto world. While IoTeXPad takes care of the token sales with top-notch security, projects can focus more on developing their core idea.

IoTeXPad launches both BSC & IoTeX projects.








Iotexpad is the first launchpad to be built, launched, and powered by IoTeX. Iotexpad becomes the primary incubator for and native launchpad for all the leading